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Individual Project September 2, 2008



Repeating Squares

Poststructuralist frame of my research and the windows through which poststructuralist theory provides viewing and theorising of participant talk.

Eleven pages

The contribution of the eleven regional generalist teachers who took time out of their busy lives to participate in my research.


Palimpsest:  a process in which new writings on parchment were superimposed over old writings, with the old still visible (dominant and resistant discourses)

Black and white colour scheme

Binaries present in participant responses and positioning.

Concertina/ layers

Multidirectional, contradictory discourses which sit side by side in participant responses…non hierarchical…non linear…growth through writing. 

Bubble wrap

The complicated nature of language as signposts of participant discourse and reiteration/challenge.

Black netting

Issues of barriers, exclusion and access present in participants’ responses.


Recognition of my journey as a researcher and participant in my research

Ripped text

The process of research, writing and piecing it together as non linear and at time frustrating task.

Selection… pieces discarded as important as those which are kept.

Blank pages

Signify gaps, silences, limitations and highlight the process of recognising what is left out – participant silences as just as important as what is said.


The role of Denyer’s (2002) research and art piece (A study of Generalist Queensland Teacher Discourse in Art Education: Poststructuralism Felt(Ed) Patched and Woven) was an inspiration (Appendix J).


My role as the researcher in stitching together autobiographical (hand stitched) and participant (machine stitched) stories to create neo narratives and theorise.

Woven data

Participants weaving in and out of modern and post-modern discourses

Journal articles

The contribution of literature and previous publications and voices to my research.

Numbers 1-5

The influence of Ashton’s five shifts (2008) in challenging my own perceptions of visual art education and their suitability as a theorising tool.


Represents the qualitative base of my research and the role of language as signposts of participants’ discourse, subjectivity and power.

Art piece

Visual tactile, written and spoken text – blurring boundaries between research and art making.


pre-service teachers’…tangible tales from the field


Context of teachers’ work


Variations and diversity in participants backgrounds


Illumination and reflection in research and writing.



3 Responses to “Individual Project”

  1. Greg Simpkins Says:

    Wow this piece of work is wonderful. I especially liked the different sized and positioned windows made for a slightly drawn out yet industrial effect with the different shades and materials used on the borders.

  2. uninae Says:

    Hey Mikaela,
    This is an amazing piece of work. Using visual metaphor to illustrate a complex and multifaceted theoretical concept is an amazing way to demonstrate the power of visual representation as an aid to understanding. The glossary really helped me to show the depth and intellectual thought behind the making process.
    This would be a great idea for students when making significant art pieces as well, combining written and visual literacies.

  3. Linda Says:

    The responses to date should tell you Mikaela that your Hons research and your art are valuable contributions to knowledge. Linda

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