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Which QSA VA Outcomes Specifically Recommend Public/Community art involvement? November 29, 2008

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Students make and display images and objects to reflect an understanding of the functions and purposes of public and community art.


• identifying and interpreting images and objects in a community context


• reflecting understanding of local area and community artists/designers/ craftspeople


• observations of, and making images and objects for, natural and built environments.


• making folios/journals that visually explore possible solutions to questions 


• developing innovative and personal responses to tasks designed by themselves or a teacher


• researching ideas to individually and collaboratively make images and objects, experience displays and exhibitions and appraise their own and others’ artworks


• collaborating with peers to make and display images and objects for a natural or built environment utilising characteristics of the selected space and place



The function and purpose of public art:

• identify public sculptures/murals/installations, etc. in their local communities and analyse the work in relation to the context in which it is seen


• display their images and objects and consider how meaning is constructed and may change according to

the context of the informal and formal display e.g. in personal, public and community contexts.


• collaboratively design and make an aerosol art mural to reflect youth cultures in their community


• design images and objects for a particular space and place in their local community considering or challenging what is valued and accepted as public art


• identify public displays within their community contexts to analyse the use of space and location



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