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Why do communities world wide bother producing public art? September 2, 2008

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Knights (1998) describes public art as originally being used to impress, express confidence and quietly exude wealth and power. For example (vast foyers, large statues commissioned for important people)


Disanayke describes the purpose of public art as now forming a community’s identity. This is where I see public art and advertisement/tourism blurring with community art.


Murphy (2001) describes public art as not only beautifying buildings, grounds and public areas but as also addressing current issues with society and provokes thought.


Sabiel (1997) describes the positive effect art can have on people, not only by being involved in the making process but also viewing with and or watching it being produced, especially when the art is interactive.


There are many reasons why communities around the world produce public art: community identity, to impress, tourism $$, engage community members, address current issues.


Helmrich (2002: 63) describes the purpose of public art to “engage, intrigue, amuse or challenge but not intentionally outrage members of the public”



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