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Who should benefit the most from public art works? September 2, 2008

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Hoffie, (1998) describes the installation of art in a public place is the responsibility of the public, who must live with it. Therefore public art must be suitable for the community in terms of content, safety, materials and must be respectful to those who live in the community.  Lippard (2001) also describes the importance of the community being involved and benefitting from public art.


Knights states that it is important that the artist, community and the environment benefit from public art.


Artist: chance to extend their practice through collaboration with architects landscape designers and other interested parties and also gives them the opportunity to place their work in sites that would ordinarily be unavailable for artwork.


Community: creates a focus for the community, enrich the cultural environment of a suburb, facilitate community acceptance of new buildings or places, and discourages graffiti.


Environment: the environment needs to be considered in terms of location, meaning of piece, media used.



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