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The Most Successful example of public art i have seen… September 2, 2008

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Lawrence Argent: I See What You Mean



I found the most amazing part of this project was how they installed it – watch the quick video below !

See the installation of this public art piece: http://www.denvergov.org/Portals/236/documents/DOCA_BigBlueBearQuickT.mov

Denver Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Program announces the installation of the much anticipated public artwork by Lawrence Argent entitled I See What You Mean, a 40-foot tall, blue bear, at the Colorado Convention Center.

The artist has described I See What You Mean as a stylized representation of native fauna. As the bear peeks inside the enormous facility at the conventioneers, displacement and wonder pique curiosity and question a greater relationship of art, technology and whimsy.
“My public artworks are part of a larger whole,” stated Lawrence Argent. “I am an artist that utilizes assorted mediums and venues to engage the viewer in questioning the assumed and provide a vehicle by which stimulus opens a plethora of responses that defy verbal articulation.”
I really like this piece its different evokes thought and is fun!

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